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I originally started playing during the winter of 1993-94. After about a year and a half of playing, I quit, having immorted Aredhel, and given away my (very few) remaining characters. While I was intermittedly involved as a builder in between, I started actively playing mortals again in the spring of 2001 - again in newbie capacity, having to learn the ropes. As of February 2004, I've retired and dropped all my projects.
Aredhel Ar-Feiniel (Mw) [Retired]
The bane of Gondolin, this silly elven girl has brought upon it what no army of Morgoth could do by itself - its fall. Former projects:
Almariel of Mithrim (Cleric, Half-Elf, 44)
My main comeback character and now a supernuker. No track, but fear, block/break, remove curse and most herblores. She is now in demi-retired state, residing at her own home in Bree.
                 There was a young elf girl from Dale
                 Who moved to live in Anduin Vale
                 Her ears and her quiver
                 Found later downriver
                 Are better at telling this tale.
The limerick, is a throwback to good ol' days when she did not mind walking into DT together with a nice group of people. Then her sets got nicer and she got tired of losing them.
Irmhild Grimaxe, Ranger of Belegost (Warrior, Dwarf, 30)
This grim warrior woman was supposed to be a companion of equally grim and much more paranoid Irmgard. Alone now, she likes to roam Dunland and Lorien. She likes axes of all kinds, detests flying, and thinks that letting those elves rent in Blue Mountains is an abomination.
Twinkle twinkle little star... (Cleric, Half-Elf, 30)
Twinkle is supposed to be a pk cleric, and she got the art of dying down to perfection. Twinkle is a carefree soul that likes to spam around haphazardly all over the place. She finds making new staves all the time tiresome, and is considering just not using them at all eventually. She skyrocketed through middle levels courtesy of her friend, Grimbor, who is, alas no longer with us. Now she is sadly low on nice people to bob around.
Etain of the Trees (Warrior Cleric, Eriadorian Woman, 26)
Miss Obnoxious and Useless herself, Etain is from the Lonelands, part of a group that is not around anymore. While she is both a warrior and a cleric, she is good at neither. She carries around her shield and her staff, indecision constantly marring her daily life. She'd be happy to help with small tasks should you ever need another healing and bashing companion.
Dís Oakenshield (Warrior, Dwarf, 24)
Dis is the only named dwarf-woman in Tolkien's works. She is the mother of Thorin Oakenshield, though not yet a warrior of any note herself. She likes to pound things into pulp in her spare time. If you group with her, make sure to modify your "bash dis" alias!
Isil the Moon Mistress (Scout, Elf, 22)
Soft as shadows, fading as a Moon into the background, silvery in complexion and slick in demeanor. She always hopes you don't notice her, even out of the corner of your eye, but that would, alas, require far too much competence on her part.
Zanoza - the splinter in YOUR foot (Warrior, Orc, 21)
This newbie uruk spends more time in Vale, harassing the children of Beorn then she does annoying elves around that disgusting place they call Imladris. She likes to aim at people's feet especially, and considers elven feet a delicacy.
Aino the little fish (Shaman/Cleric, Orc, 26)
Having spurned Väinämöinen, and escaped into the deeps of the seas of Kalevala, this little girl has been reincarnated in the spirit of this orc. Her only thoughts are that of revenge and better link. Her only purpose in life - to maim, and maim, and maim.
Elentari the Queen of This and That (Mage, Elf, 26)
Named after the queen of the stars, this Noldo elf is undecided as to her fate. She finds her magic powers, err, overpowered, and holds a particular grudge against the huorns of the dark forest of Mirkwood.
Elda Mar (Warrior, 26)
My lost-and-found character, it was given away around '97 to a friend of mine. Some 6 years later, after a long break, I bumped into a mortal of that same friend — I didn't remember ever giving him Elda, but he did. She deleted many years ago, but is back now, new and shiny.

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