Why did Boromir die?

Screen credit. Bleah. The real reason he died is because in the next movie he will be playing Faramir, his twin brother. ("Twin?!" - I hear you cry).

But Boromir actually died because he was in leather set after killing balrog. Sadly those scenes ended on the cutting room floor, together with the part where Aragorn singlehandedly defeats 37 wight nobles to get hobbits their swords, Saruman trying to give Sauron a fake iron ring (that zaps from Sauron's finger since he always wears a metal set), and Elrond talking to Frodo about Galadriel:

Elrond: Yes, she's very old. She's been with us since the beginning.
Frodo: The beginning...?
Elrond: Of the Resistance.
Frodo: And she knows what, everything?
Elrond: She would say, she knows enough.

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, coming to the theaters next Christmas! Our earswhile heroes set out to pop them whitie or die! Watch them struggle against legions of darkness as they wait for Dunadan garrison to load.

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