Greece 2004 (188 images)
Our trip to Greece in September 2004.

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Odeum of Herodes Atticus


Erectheion with Fake Cariathides on the Porch


Ancient Agora and Greek Lego

Imperator Hadrian sans Head

Temple of Hephestos

View of Acropolis

The Roman Agora

Tower of the Winds

Bin Laden Café across from Hotel Nefeli

The Gate of Hadrian

Temple of Zeus

Theatre of Dionysius


View from Our Window and Terrace

Thira and the Caldera

Minoan Ruins of Ancient Akrotiri (1600 BC)

The Red Beach

Sunset over the Caldera (and a Guy and His Mule)

Our Favourite Graeco-Russian Orthodox Wedding

Wine Tasting at Canava Roussos

Greek Breakfast

The Slowest Ferry on Earth

The Knights of the Golden Table